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Eugène Dupré-‘Under the Sign of the Infinite’

Today’s sharing from the Blue House of Via-HYGEIA is an excerpt from the archives of Eugène Dupré related to the teachings of the Brethren of the East. The English translation if by Via-HYGEIA, from the French original manuscript. From the archives of the Brethren of the East in its Via-HYGEIA repository.


“Our Teachers come to us through their personal and distinctive work, which based on the same principles form two vivifying currents, Love and Wisdom, which after their action unite in an admirable synthesis.

We could sum up the process of initiation they gave us by the sign of the infinite.

Starting from the center, God, or the divine, the disciple journeys a complete cycle thanks to the work of Love of our venerable Mother and the cycle finished, the disciple returns to the center of this first emanation. Full from the initiation of Love, he/she bathes again in the divine and, desiring Wisdom starts a second cycle, which, once achieved, will bring him/her back into the divine, enriched with what this second journey into the second circle would have taught him/her.

We don’t start with Wisdom-and those who believed, supporting themselves with the discarded fragments of tradition published in books, they possessed it-were mistaken. They only gained knowledge, scholarship, and if an occasion, an influence does not push them towards the current of Love-current enabling them to be able to follow and acquire a normal initiation-they remain occultists. I don’t have to speak of any case or person, as you are clear on this subject.

Here, again, I cannot insist enough; think often, think always at what has been given. Elevate your soul and your spirit towards the giver of all goods. Invoke the assistance of our Masters. Make the continuous effort towards perfection; chase away mental selfishness alike by charity one chases away physical selfishness. Aspire to Beauty, to the Good, to Truth. Be logical and simple. Beware of your imagination. When you will be in doubt with yourself, when your conscience tortures itself to find an outcome, ask yourself this question: ‘What would the Teachers have done in my place?’

Think that you are on Earth and that under the physical uniform (the body) all high or lower activities only differentiate by their deeds. Don’t day-dream, and remember that the duty of an initiate alike anyone aspiring towards initiation, is to follow the law of Earth, the law of the place we live, the acceptation of what makes the balance, the harmony of the social relationships. Don’t try to be what you are not, don’t feed yourself with delusions or any extra-ordinary things and stay grounded, in your conception and your projects, into the realm of the possible.”


Note: In the tradition of this hermetic order, their founders, a woman and a man, formed a symbolic couple representing, the divine feminine and the divine masculine, that is Love and Wisdom.

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Eugène Dupré-‘Under the Sign of the Infinite’

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