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Georges Yves Marie FLOC’H – Of the Law Of Return

From the tombstone of Johann Gottfried Herder.

Note: Initiation is a long and difficult process, it has no bypass. Everything must be worked out simultaneously with a stable dynamism that brings profound change. We first travel to the unity within ourselves, and then we aim to create communities. Most symbols have an ‘outside’ and ‘inside’ meaning. You might be surprised that Alpha is on the right and Omega is on the left. This mean ‘homecoming’ as opposed to entropy.


Today’s sharing from the Blue House of Via-HYGEIA is from a manuscript by George Floc’h. Translated into English by Via-HYGEIA from the original French. From the archives of the Brethren of the East in its Via-HYGEIA dedicated repository.


It is quite singular that the Earth, so little a world that circles into space, is inhabited by human beings that cannot  get along with each other. Invisible and visible destructive struggles rule between them. These beings particularized them selves into individuals that forgot the general frame. Therefore the social mechanism being distorted, the whole human society suffers in searching for its aims.

Yet, observation, logic and reasoning prove that Man is truly similar to God. In the Cosmos and especially on Earth, he rules unchallenged,  he creates, his true mode of existence, or he destroys-which creates in him and around him disorder. Still nowadays, this second mode of activity seems to be favored by him.

Our Self reveals us a very different method. Man must subordinate his aims to the invisible and submit his deeds to Truth.

In deed, due to his incarnation, the deeds of Man coordinate in time; they are submitted to the mechanisms that run the Cosmos.

And like the planets occupy different locations in space guided by the Power that makes them move, the deed of Man are entwined one to another and it is impossible to isolate only one. Otherwise the result would be the same as if a planet would stop its course into space. The balance of the systems would be broken, and the planet would crash into a cataclysm. In a like manner, our present deeds depend  from past deeds and prepare for the future ones.  A hammer that we raise, when it is abandoned to itself, falls back and is able to knock in a nail.  A series of phenomena are born out of this simple event: The stop of the hammer by the nail, heat produced, wood that cracks, etc… Likewise, all of our gestures are depending one from another and if it wouldn’t be like this, none of them would be possible: Walking, jumping, movements of our limbs, etc…

We can then deduce that a body lifted will later or sooner fall back, that a gesture cannot be indefinitely fixed, otherwise there would be no movement, that the law of return always bring back to a point an object that goes away from it. A balloon can rise into the atmosphere but, earlier or later, it must come down towards the dust it came from.

Why that? It is because the cause of al this movement is the same and that, finally, the prime cause marks its dominating action throughout all the secondary causes. Gravity, cause of the rise of the balloon, ends up manifesting itself alone only when all the other secondary causes it had generated have finished their action. After a more or less long moment, the last phenomena are therefore alike to the firsts.

This law does not only manifest in the visible realm.

Let’s study our soul.

Following  a material or mental cause, a feeling is born. Psychic currents are being born in Man and are felt outside of him. They produce a psychical movement that keeps growing until a moment when all the perceived currents take back their autonomy. If the feeling is good, it is maintained by currents of love; if the feeling is bad, it carries within it destruction and determines the same destruction to whom did originate it. Such is the law of return in the soul.

Same facts in the spirit. The Self seeks in and outside of itself to form a thought. It thinks with the Mens and the meaning with the Spirit the ideas similar to those which must unite to create a thought. If it is in accordance with Truth the effects are good and strengthen the Self; if they are against Truth, they weaken the Self.

During our incarnation, this law of return is not spontaneously accessible to us. We are led to believe into a law of disorder, to the coexistence of facts without coordination and this is indeed what humanity is practicing. It perhaps doesn’t admit that each part of a mechanism may have its own movement, but it admits without proof disorder in the soul and in the thoughts. This proves rather well the separation of the Self of its origin by a alien and malign power.

The spirit moving away from its source branches out into a multitude by losing its density. Every Self working for itself thinks, feels, acts in its own personal manner. Fences are elevated between the Selves and they are immersed into a field of incoherence. But would some Selves coordinate their efforts towards the same aim, an exaltation animates them if they act for the good;  A short lived joy, dull from combat, crosses them if they work for evil.

This action is cyclical. A stone is the birth sign of a house and of a town. An egg in a fruit the sign of a worm and of decay. An animation of the soul generates a knot, a radiant ball, a mass; an internal action makes them vanish and help the psychical efforts. A though attracts to itself other thoughts to take at the end the strength of a true procession.

Always thought, speech and action are rooted  to their motives. They are the daughters depending from their mothers, and if they become mothers also, they nevertheless were daughters. The beginning remains the base and the end is similar to the beginning.

All the stars turn in circles. All the secondary causes  also turn around the primal cause and the term for this movement is the return of the secondary causes  towards the point where they originated. Unity determines duality; duality determines trinity; the origin is always unity.

For the initiate, the knowledge of the law of return is paramount. If he does not suspect unity, Man becomes a lost island in the cosmos; if he acknowledges it, he regain his true place  and finds himself guided by the Spirit.

This explains this strange understanding that the initiate may have achieved of this study. Spirit, soul and matter coexist. Man believes he is apart from God, when He stands by his side, around him, in him. The invisible wall he must cross is his own soul; then the universal soul will not interfere, as soon as he understands this law of return. He is then invited to participate to the divine life.

This also makes us understand the whole human history: Athens, Lutece, Rome; the historical currents that crossed them and that are regenerating in our time.  Miserable are the Selves and their followers if they seek to hoard for themselves domination.

The law of return demonstrates that we are now at a cross-road.

Let’s all work together with Love and Wisdom to set up the new humanity that feels itself being born.


Georges Yves Marie FLOC’H – Of the Law Of Return

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