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Our Golden Rules

1. Our Role Is Defined

We are offering enabling and emulative services, that are not substitute to medical consultation. Always seek the advice of your physician or psychotherapist with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

2. Our Services Are Tools

Our services (counseling, coaching and training) offer an exciting journey of self-discovery.

None of our services is exclusive, none can claim to reveal the whole picture. We believe into the wholeness of body-soul-mind work and structure our services within that framework. The participatory approach and awareness of the client is essential.

3. Our Attitude

We regard ethics as something very important.

During our services we are in impersonality (impartial, without judgement) and we are there as helpers and witnesses to the clients’ walking in the process of change.

4. We Are Open To Change

We don’t let any service of us crystallize itself (becoming a closed system). We are being fed by experiences and feedbacks. Change is here to stay and that is unchangeable. We are aware of that.

5. We Love To Serve

We love to serve the universe.

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