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How Many Senses Do We Have? – 2

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The evolution of the senses when it affects taste and smell leads to predilection; that is, to a pre-consciousness of that which is beneficent or harmful to man and to those with whom he is in affinity.

As the senses of taste and smell are capable of evolving to predilection, so the sense of hearing evolves to clairaudience, the sense of sight to clairvoyance, and the sense of touch, the primal and universal sense, to prediliction.

This development of the capacities of the senses is easily comprehensible even in the most material degree of density. The skilled musician hears sound which others do not hear; the painter sees forms and colors, lights and shadows which others do not see. The sense of touch is evolved in those who are born blind so that they feel that which those who see cannot distinguish.

The sense of intuition belongs to the psycho-nervo degree of being of the mentality: by its evolution man becomes conscious of the more rarefied degrees of being; through intuition he senses that which in his surrounding his material sense organs are incapable of sensing.

Clairaudience is awakening to activity and utility of the nervo, psycho and mental sense of hearing and the consequent capacity to hear in these three degrees of rarefication.

Clairvoyance is the awakening to activity and utility of the nervo-psychic and mental sense of sight.


To be continued…

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