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How Many Senses Do We Have?

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The senses of man are twelve in number, which twelve consist of touch, taste and smell (which are both in such close affinity that some assert them to be a dual evolvement of one sense), hearing, sight, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentientation, intuition, prevoyance, predilection and prediliction.

The most material sense organ of touch, taste and smell, of hearing and of sight are the intermediaries by which man is conscious of his surrounding. Without them the earth and all that is therein would not exist for him.

The sense of intuition belongs to the psycho-nervo degree of being of the mentality: by its evolution man becomes conscious of the more rarefied degrees of being; through intuition he senses that which in his surrounding his material sense organs are incapable of sensing.

The immediate effect of this awakening of the sense of intuition is a certain excitation of the denser degrees of the senses of touch, taste and smell, hearing and sight, collectively, or of one or more of these senses with which the mentally is in fullest affinity. Thus, if the mentality is in full rapport with all the material senses organs, all alike experience this excitation which may be compared to that of the stationary organic world at the rising of the sap in the spring time.

The man whose senses are thus, as it were, vivified, will experience new sensations. If, on the contrary, the rapport of the mentality with the senses is not fully balanced, he may experience the excitation only of those senses which the mentality is most in affinity.

To be continued…

From the Cosmic Movement

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