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How Many Senses Do We Have? – 3

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Prevoyance is one of the effects of the clairsentietation; that is, of the evolvement of all the other senses. In all ages the prevoyants (or Neviim, Navi, plural Neviim means prophets) were so accounted amongst the greatest and the rarest of sensitives and rightly so because prevoyance reads the future as an open scroll, and thus the prevoyant (or Neviim) are able to avert the danger.

As a shepherd who keeps watch over his flocks in the mountains far from a place of shelter learns to know the coming of the storm by signs which other do not know, so the prevoyant learns to know the future by signs which to other are occult.

As the saying of old has it: ‘Blessed is the Navi, whose desire is with joy and whose will is with victory: in his very presence is blessing’. He who thus spoke know what he said, for a certain constituent of the sun’s emanation have the power of dispersing the storm clouds, so the Navi, with whom is knowledge and power, whose desire is with joy and whose will is in victory, is able to disperse the clouds of danger and calamity which threaten men.

The sense of prediliction is the most precious and the most rare of all senses. As touch is the ‘ Aleph’ of the senses, prediliction is the ‘ Taw’ (Aleph and Taw are the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet). When this sense fully evolves it leads the man and all those who trust his guidance directly to happiness, progress and well-being. Consequently, this sense prepares pleasant and useful ways and safe harbors before him, guiding him over the sea of life in calm or storm, as a compass guides the sailor.

Man thus evolved to the knowledge and to the capacity of unending perfectionising, will perceive the universality of his being and he will lift up the drooping head, strengthen the feeble knees, and as a victor, he will open his weary eyes, and beholding in himself the divine, the inextinguishable eternal Light, will proclaim aloud the glorious immutable truth so long veiled:

‘Man is the perfectionising of the cosmos, the link between the most impenetrable density capable of all receiving, and the unthinkable and impenetrable, capable of all pervading (Hygeia note: link between male and female universal principles). This hope is full of immortality!’



Source: ‘ Vision of the Eternal Present’, selections in English from the ‘Cosmic’ Work of Max Theon. Pages 35, 36, 37 and 38. Argaman Editions. 1991.

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