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Via Tecta (Sacred Way)

The Spine – 1: The Caduceus Of Hermes

Photo by Anne Nygard on Unsplash

If we wanted to explain our spine with an esoteric symbol, the best archetype would probably be Hermes’ golden staff (caduceus) (image below).

“[…] It shows a pair of Serpents, male and female, intertwined; the middle parts of the serpents’ coil are joined together as in a knot, called the knot of Hercules; their upper parts are bent into a circle and complete the circle as they meet in a kiss; below the knot their tails rejoin the staff at the point at which it is held, and at that point appear the wings with which they are provided.” – Source: Macrobius,‘The Saturnalia’

The caduceus is said to have the power to reconcile any two things/parties that are in conflict.

How can this knowledge be related to our body?

Stay tuned 😊

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