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Via Tecta (Sacred Way)


Cover Photo by Katsiaryna Endruszkiewicz / Unsplash


PARDES is a concept which is used in Kabalah teachings and refers to the 4 levels used to discover, analyse and understand any piece of scriptural text.

☀️ In the mythology trainings we are offering under the umbrella of Hygeia we try to go to the 4th level, Sod, of PARDES. ☀️ Please study the image for further information.

An example from daily life:

🌱 Level 1: We see a tree. This is a tree. That’s it. (individual)

🌱 Level 2: There are different kinds of trees. Each one has different virtues and needs. (individual’s virtues, needs)

🌱 Level 3: When trees are located in a forest, they form an ecosystem with other plants, various animals, etc. (individual’s place in the universe)

🌱 Level 4: Each entity in the ecosystem helps others by using its’ own virtues, so that the ecosystem can both survive and continue to develop. (individuals helping each other through their virtues, thus ensuring the continuation and development of society

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