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Thomas Moore’s DSM

The quote below was shared as a story on IG, but it is too important to be just seen on one day. If you have read carefully our two posts about the senses (heading “How many senses do we have?”) you will realize that it is deeply linked with this quote.

🌱 What if all the mental and psychiatric disorders mentioned in the DSM are actually faculties we have as a realized human being, meaning a human being showing full potential? Or what if they show deeper issues TO WORK ON (not to surpress with medication)? What if e.g. the ‘disorder’ schizophrenia shows us that this person is carrying two people’s weight from the ancestral line and these weights are controversial to each other?

☀️ Quote:

One day I would like to make up my own DSM-[5] with a list of “disorders” I have seen in my practice. For example, I would want to include the diagnosis “psychological modernism,” an uncritical acceptance of the values of the modern world. It includes blind faith in technology, inordinate attachment to material gadgets and conveniences, uncritical acceptance of the march of scientific progress, devotion to the electronic media, and a life-style dictated by advertising.

Source: Thomas Moore, Care of the Soul: Guide for Cultivating Depth and Sacredness in Everyday Life / Art: Alexey Kondakov

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