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Feet As Sensors

Feet are a sensor like our other sense organs (eyes, mouth, ears, nose, skin). Just as, for example, our eyes perceive light like a sensor, the sole of our feet has the ability to perceive the ground and whatever it comes into contact with like a sensor. When we wear shoes and socks all the time, we limit their ability and we do not use their full potential.

It is like the thicker the soles of our shoes, the more we close our eyes (image below). In this case, we should think that most of us are wandering around without seeing anything. By wearing shoes, we cut off the contact of our feet with the ground and prevent what we can feel on the soles of them. This can lead to balance problems and the lack of different stimuli to our brain. When we walk barefoot, we not only discharge the electricity in our body, but also enable our feet to feel (hot, moist, sand, stone, earth, etc. ground).

Image: @advaytayoga training notes

Whether we are adults or children, we can always walk barefoot inside the house, and maybe outside, at least in summer. Thus, we support the natural ability of our feet and expand the window of perception of the world we live in.

We would like to include scientific research on the subject, but when we made a research, we saw that some of them were sponsored by companies that manufacture or sell shoes. So, how can we understand the benefits of walking barefoot? Through our body awareness! Change comes from applying theory, seeing and evaluating the results. For a detailed explanation of this process, you may want to take a look again at our post titled “101 Hygeia – Faith”.

Experienced by Hygeia:

At home we are barefoot in summer and with socks in winter (the socks also cut off contact with the ground, but at least not with thick soles like slippers). When Nalan joined the @advaytayoga Yoga Program, she experienced a positive physical change in her foot structure during the training that lasted for about a year.

A documentary we propose: “The Earthing Movie – The Remarkable Science of Grounding” (Youtube, 1 h 15 min) – The documentary shows us how a child born with chronic inflammation went barefoot on a healing journey.

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