When A Popular Series Prompts Discovery, Research and Reading

Luoyang (Chinese: 风起洛阳) is a 2021 Chinese costume, mystery television series.


I always wanted to discover and study the works and thought of the ancient Chinese philosopher MO Zi but haven’t been able to do so until very recently.


Thanks to a fantastic Chinese series, ‘Luoyang’ set at the time of the rule of Empress Wu Zetian, telling the story of a fascinating conspiracy and how a group of young people saves the day with many exciting adventures with Taoist and Buddhist lore, nei dan alchemy,  all richly embedded within the story with mention of MO Zi and the Mohists, his school of thought. By using deduction, analysis, interpretation, correspondences, the team, precursors of modern detectives and forensic scientists, unravel a complex plot that leaves a lasting impression.

Here, in this excerpt, the mention of a ‘lost Mohist’ text was exciting enough to set me into ordering the penguin English translation of the Mohist corpus, of which we have, in the past weeks, presented and then published a few samplers. When a series hints about books and philosophy, this is so rare that it is important to mention it ! And if this series has prompted me to research MO Zi,  imagine what else from this fascinating period could be searched upon using this rich historical series as a catalyzer…


We warmly recommend this series, as it is a wonderful time spent, discovering a period of China, the rule of empress Wu Zetian, who like Hatshepsut in Egypt as a pharaoh, was the only woman to rule China as an Empress. Here is the trailer with English subtitles. Enjoy ! 🤗

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