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Prayer of Apollonius of Tyana

“Apolloni-us Teaneus” (Apollonius of Tyana). Contorniato medallion in honor of Apollonius of Tiana. The large size medals (between 30 and 40 mm) are called this way, with a characteristic incised circle at the edge, which were manufactured from the middle of the fourth century, showing classical Greco-Roman figures. Apollonius von Tyana; Münzabbildung aus Baumeister: Denkmäler des klassischen Altertums, Band I, 1885, S. 109.


Today’s sharing from the Blue House of HYGEIA is a prayer found at the beginning of the ‘De Secretis Nature’ of the Pseudo-Apollonius of Tyana, in the Latin translation of Hughes de Santalla of the ‘Kitab al-haliqa’ by Balinus. Chrysopoeia 6, 1997/99. Our working translation in English from Athanase Lynxe’s French translation of the Latin edition above mentioned. Our warm gratitude to him for this generous gift.


You, Lord God,
‘there is no other but You’,
creator of all things,
You who retributes the good men,
because my heart was troubled and that my bones trembled,
my senses having feared to reach Your un-fathomable immensity,
help and comfort my spirit in the measure
that I am fostered and guided by You,
so that I am found worthy to instruct
in the appropriate manner the following generations,
in order that they may know You, recognize You, understand You
and render You the due worship and service


Prière d’Apollonius de Tyane

Toi, Seigneur Dieu, “en dehors de qui il n’y en a pas d’autre “, Créateur de toutes choses, toi qui rétribues les hommes bons, puisque mon cœur a été troublé et que mes os ont tremblé, mon sens ayant redouté d’atteindre ton immensité inexplicable, aide et conforte mon esprit dans la mesure où, aidé et conduit par toi, je suis trouvé digne d’instruire de manière appropriée les générations suivantes, pour qu’ils te connaissent, te reconnaissent, te comprennent et te rendent le culte et le service dus.

Latin source


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Prayer of Apollonius of Tyana

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