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Karl von Eckartshausen – About An Old Ethiopian Drawing found in 1556

Today’s sharing from the Blue House of Via-HYGEIA, is the explanation from the title page’s engraving of the  ‘Aufschlüsse zur Magie‘ (1788) given in the foreword by the author, Karl von Eckartshausen, and summed up by Professor Antoine Faivre in his celebrated thesis about the former: ‘Eckartshausen et la Théosophie Chrétienne’, Klingsieck_Paris_1969. Page 767.


‘Lika zarabtalam’ means Creator of the Worlds. The old man represents the Creator, the Unity; the three flames around his head symbolize Perfection. The two arms represent the ‘2’ as first number to come out of the Unity, as number of the Creation, as symbol of what happened. The Sun and Moon are linked to each other. The body that stretches the arms is the symbol of harmony; this is why it is represented as a Lyra. It lies on seven books, the seven mysteries of Nature, closed by seven seals. The 4 strings of the lyra are the symbol of the Tetracordon with which the first spiritual concert was invented. It is also the symbol of the rightfulness of things: Point-Line-Plane- Depth.’

Translated from

Antoine Faivre’s original French




Gothic German



Original in the archives

and library of Via-HYGEIA


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Karl von Eckartshausen – About An Old Ethiopian Drawing found in 1556

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