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Fernando Pessoa & Alvaro de Campos- The Elusive Muse

Picture by Charles Buell


We couldn’t resist the pleasure to share with you a poem by ‘Alvaro de Campos’, Fernando Pessoa ‘s modernist heteronym. English translation by Irene Ramalho Santos in her study, ‘Modernist Muses that Matter’. Source: The Wallace Stevens Journal , Spring 2005, Vol. 29, No. 1, Special Conference Issue, Part 2: Celebrating Wallace Stevens: The Poet of Poets in Connecticut (Spring 2005), pp. 44-55. Published by: The Johns Hopkins University Press Stable.



Original Portuguese:



‘Moon + Stars Seen at Noon from the Bottom of a Well’ by James Rosenquist.
More about James Rosenquist: 🌿 Irene Ramalho Santos’s study:
Fernando Pessoa & Alvaro de Campos- The Elusive Muse

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