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Christopher Walton – The Ground & Geniture Of Deity & Nature

🌿Today’s sharing from the Blue House of Via-HYGEIA is a table of symbols and their explanations by Christopher Walton, found in his 1856 ‘Notes and Materials‘, ‘designed by the editor of the ‘Introduction to Theosophy, as First of Three Series of Symbols, to illustrate the Principles and Scope of the Work, and as a key to the philosophy of Boehme, Freher, and Law.’ 🌿These illustrations draw upon Dionysius Andreas Freher’s manière de faire (signature style) and upon another Theosophist (and Philadelphian Society member), Richard Roach, who also had illustrations made in his treatises. (See the appendixes below)🌿


Part One

Introduction to Theosophy,

or the Science of Deity, Nature and Creature.

A serial consideration of the instant, eternal, universal act of the generation and evolution of the ineffable unity, or magic will of light, in trinity and wisdom, or conceived word of understanding; and of the coeternal manifestation or corporisation of itself, in and by the essential sound or fluid element of nature, with it seven fountain spirits, properties or qualities, two equipoised principles, and three constituents parts.


Natural Ground

(Negative of Deity, and of the Divine Image, or Angelic Virgin Sonable Idea, in Man)-Soul, Spirit, Body, Essence, Substance.-Being the Instinctive Seeking of the One and Only Good. Pure, True, Holy Supreme Life, or Intellectual entz of Light, to Know or Sensibly Taste and Sound like its all Potencies; with the Finding, Relish and Experience of the Same.

That is (let such transcendant verity be thus expressed) the Abyssal MAG-IC WILL, the Father of all, the First, or Divine Punctum (So subtile as to be imperceptible to itself) while it Eternally Opens and Posits itself in Itself, as Byss, or centrum, Heart or Mind, Son or Word, and so finds itself as Good Pleasure or Satisfaction, Lust, Lubet or Delight; and thence, as Motion, scientz or Percept, issues forth in Distin-guibleness of Understanding, as the Great mystery of the Divine Wisdom,-also coevally and in the same degree, contracts, or raises up in itself, its hidden, secret Magia, Ground, Fiat. Capacity, or Womb of nothing, the Power of Desire, and Posits the Same as a center, Heart, Byss, Son, Word, or Mind of Want or Necessity, Dereliction or Death, and as a Life of insensate Whirling Anguish. That is, by such Astringing Impressure, and Fermenting, Fiery Contrariety of Motion, (the essential Qualification of Desire) the WILL continually Generates and Secretes Thickness, Hardness and Darkness, or a Spiritual Essentiality in its Desire, and of necessity, imprisons its own inherent ALL, only begotten Son, or free, gentle Lubet of Love, in Enmity, Rage and Darkness, Pain, Suffocation and Death. -And now the Triune Word, as the Universal All, having Fathomed the Capacity of its Self, as Universal Want and Desire, and Impregnated or Surcharged its Still Lubet, Heart, Mind, Concentrated Unity, or beloved Son, With the Concentrated Power, Essence, qual or Working of the Same; the Latter, under such acquired Nature of Sensibility or Anguish, assumes  Motion, returning home again into its original Centre or Mother-ground, Rest, Peace, and Sabbath, the ‘Bosom of the Father‘, within itself, even the Meekness, Temperature, or Liberty of the Abyssal Unity: thus Completing the Circuit and Experience of Itself, or its Potentialities.

The Father scientz being now manifested in the Generation of the Dark World, with its Enkindled Wrath-Spirit or Life, which is called the First Principle of Nature; and the Son scientz or Lubet, by the Opening or Birth therein, of the Ineffable Substance, Wonders, Colors, Powers, Virtues, and Glories of Light, with its Flaming Love-Spirit or Life, which is termed the Second Principle of Nature; and the Abyssal Spirit (the Ground of the Father and the Son) by both Principles or Worlds in Union; it, (as the Wonder-Eye of Omniscience, and the One Life of Omnipotence) standing in the midst between them, and, (as the Supreme Good), ever Shutting up the working of its manifested Dark Magic Root, in its own secret Abyss. Each Principles having a Tri-une Qualification or Desirous Acting in itself; each being Necessary and a Joy to the Other, yet each in itself an Utter Contrariety to the Other.

Such, with what is involved therein, is the Magical Process of the Divine Generation and Manifestation, or Outspeaking of the Two-fold Tri-une Word of the Powers of Light and Darkness, as a Septenary Unity, or Corporeal Will-Spirit of Glory, Melody and Love; as a Substantial, Sensitive, Vocal Intellect, the Eternal Holy, Holy, Holy VIRGIN SOPHIA, or in a word, as the DIVINE NATURE.


Supernatural Grounds

(Negative Nature) – Real of God (note: Realm?), Angel and Man, as to their Original, or Sciential Root.

The One only Good-True, Pure, Holy, Life of Light. A Holy Fire, Oil and Tincture entz, Meekness, or Love-Fluid, of All Power, Color, Virtue, (fig. 3) A Tri-une Will, instinctively outflowing to its own Realization and Contemplation (fig. 1, 2, 3, 4) having Want or Desire potentially in it. A wonder-eye of Wisdom (fig. 1) A mirror of Wonders(fig. 4) or Wisdom with its ingenerated Tri-une Images or Ideas: being a Development of the sci-entz of the Divine Word, or the Powers, Colors and Virtues of the All (center of fig. 3) in Distinguibleness, Harmony and Self-Understanding.

The Deity, apprehending the mystery of Nature and Creature couched in Himself (S.S.3).The Super-sensual, Super-cogitative, Unsearchable, Non-natural, Un-creaturely Life. The One or Unity. the Still Eternity. Eternal Liberty. Chaos, Equipoise or Temperature in Nothingness, of all Powers, Qualities, and Properties.


Second Part

Introduction to Theosophy,

or the Science of the Ground and Constitution of Man


The Ground of Physics, or Densed Nature

The eye or mirror of deity, with its imaged magic evolution showing the ground and relations of temporal nature, its matter and powers, (or place, time & space) to the abyssal , spiritual, mental, eternal nature, of light & dark, life & death powers.


of this figure 10

DEITY. -The entire Sphere or Mirror, (embracing the Heart in the Centre) considered without its portrayed Contents or Images, signifies, as specified upon it, the Abyss of the Divine Unity or Supernatural deity, the Entiality (note: Essentiality?) of the Godhead, the Power and Virtue of Pure Light and Truth, being a MAGIC WILL. Whose Central Posit or Generation in itself, firstly, as a Mind or Understanding, of ALL Science and Sound, secondly as Development in Wisdom, as the  eternal Original of all Powers, Colors and Virtues, thirdly, as  Tri-une Reconception as the WORD of Wisdom, and fourthly, whose Eternal Speaking constitutes the Life or Motion of Understanding, a Well-tuned, Pregnant Harmony in equilibrio et temperamento, of All Powers, Colors and Virtues, (Ideas, Forms and Images of the Divine Name) in mutual Self Intelligence, as a Great WONDER-EYE of all-Comprehension and Perception,-all this (we say), this self-originated, complete, perfect, independent, all-sufficient, loving, joyous. non-natural life of the Light (whose peculiar Name is IEOVA), was denoted in the Consideration of the Four First of the preceding Symbols. The dotted Heart in the Centre, also denoting the Eternally Centred Magic Will of the Abyss, which, instinctively Reciprocating the Love or Desire that generated it, returns into its Original, and thus completes the Trinity of the Life Deity.

NATURE. -The irradiated Sevenfold Figure, floating or revolving in the Liberty or Eye of the Abyss, with its fixed Superficies, or Band of Celestial & Terrestrial Scenery, signifies the Two-fold Universe of Eternal Nature, with its Temporal Out-birth of this World; these being, in their respective Degrees, a Spiritual (Psychical and Sensual) and Physical Evolution and Manifestation of the Otherwise Un-apprehensible Powers of the Deity.

The Double Triangles of Darkness and Light, with their Cross Birth or Union, (yet eternal Dis-severance) denotes the Double Action of the Abyssal Tri-une Will or All, in Desire and Satisfaction, constituting the Outspoken WORD OF Nature, as One Eternal Element, or Understanding Spirit of Life; whose Seven Powers in Action, Sense and Harmony, are symbolised by the Seven-fold Circulating Figure comprising the Triangles. How this manifestation, Generation and Divine Inhabitation, eternally takes place, is indicated in fig. 3, 5, 6 and 7 of the Series, especially the Summary Symbol. These Seven Universal Powers, as Working through Time, are what are popularly designated the ‘Electric Forces‘. They, as to their paradisic Ground, are the Habitation and instrument of the Eternal Word, or Working Will of God. The Glorified Human Person of Christ, Holds centre of these Powers (as the Reigns of the Universe) in his hands. (Matt. XXVIII,18, or Ephes. I, 18, or Rev. 1, 17-18.)

The Circular band of Light and Dark Scenery and Objects,  with its implied Relations to and Dependance upon, the Eternal Spiritual, fluxional Nature, or Life-element, denotes the present Gross, Temporal, Material Universe, as the Congelated External Body, or continual Ultimate Posit thereof. It having been originally Generated or Created, in the Serial Revolution and Successive Operation of the Six Working Properties of the Eternal Nature directed by the Will of God, out of the impressed Spoiled and Unspoiled materia of the Kingdom of Lucifer and his Angels. (The earth, or earthly nature, is the posit or fixation, concretion, matrix and seed of the whole astral universe: all powers magnetise it, and strive to awaken its chaos of life into creatural development.

The Dark, Thick, Semi-circle, (which is One and the Same with the Dark Fiery Triangle of Desire, above referred to) here signifies the Seven Eternal Powers shut up in Darkness, by the Sin of Lucifer and his Angels: which Dark Abyss is now their Habitation or Prison, until the Last Judgement-day. Out of the wrathful Fiery Fluidity, or the Seventh Spirit thereof, in which was comprised the other Six Working, desirous Spirits, (of Life, Love and Liberty) was the present World made. Hence, these Spirits or Powers, having no common centre of Delight, but in Dis-union and Dis-harmony, in Selfish Instinct, in Partial Loves, are to be found more or less, in All Things of this World, astral and terraqueous, -every quantity of Matter, solid, fluid, gaseous, however infinite the variety, being individually possessed by them: in which respect, they are what are popularly termed: ‘Galvanic Powers‘.-And the Nature of this World, has no other Ground or Foundation but this  Dark, Cold and Hot Fiery, Abyss of Eternity; nor any Preservation from its terrible Consuming Action, but what is afforded by the Light and Virtue of the Sun and Water, for the Animal and Vegetable Life, or by the Light and Virtue, or Body and Blood’ of Christ, for the Soul.

The Dark and Light Aqueous Semi-circle, denotes the Seventh Spirit, Body, or Pure Element of the World of Glory. This, at the Creation, was all Light, or a Paradise through all, as in figure 9, but through the Sin of Adam, the Divine Medium, Vice-Regent and Prince Omnipotent of this World, the Hidden Dark ground just referred to, became Manifested both in the Soul of Adam and in Outward Nature. Whence, Paradise retired, or departed into its own Inward Centre, the Hidden Half of the Aqueous Semi-circle here delineated, where, as the Heavenly Water of Life, it yet exists as before, but is now only attainable by Man in Regeneration.

From this account it appears, that the Original Gross Matter of Creation, is nothing more than the lava of Spiritual Essence, acted upon degree after degree, by the omnipotent fiat, or Condensing Power of the First Property of Nature, whilst the so-designated ‘Galvanic Powers’ found to be contained in All Things, as their Life and Essence, are merely Dis-severed Portions of the free, equipoised, equi-tempered, universal, heavenly Life-element, or Ocean of the Seven Fountain Powers of the Eternal Nature. These Eternal Powers as before observed, Working through Time, are what are termed the ‘Electric Forces‘, which, by their sympathetic action upon their like properties shut up in the creation, (being their desideratum, to complete the balance of their eternal temperature), are the cause of every motion in this world. That is, they operate either extra-ordinarily, as directed by the Will of God, when moved thereto by the wrestling, agonising, unceasing Prayer of faith; or ordinarily, by their ardent magic longing for reunion with the dis-severed, exiled portions of their being, imprisoned in the early vanity, -these latter likewise standing in a similar state of longing, and groaning for full redemption, or restoration to their original life, light and liberty, as before the rebellion of Lucifer: which also is purchased for them by the Process of Christ. And this is what constitute the Motion of the Great instinctive Clockwork or Mechanism of Time, or Temporal Nature, while it shall continue the course appointed to it, by the Divine Wisdom. -Hereby then may be understood, the relation of this world to the eternal nature, and of time and eternity to the Deity, and therefore, the absolute distinction (and yet inseverable oneness) between God and Nature.

CONCLUSION. -What is now the Practical Lesson taught us by this Contemplation of the Mirror of Divine Wisdom, wherein appears the Reflection of Man’s universal Nature? What is the language to him, or that eye of Understanding, that heart of Goodness, that abyss of Love, which is here both the centre and en-compasser of the Image of Man-what but the following impressive words:

‘I AM (as thou seest) the First and the last-through all, over all, in all. ALL stands in my Out-breathing, Out-speaking WORD of Power. The ‘Electric forces‘ as thou callest them, are as Nerves and organs to my Omnipotent Will. I am clear, Pure Understanding, or Clairvoyance. I see all, feel all, know all. I am even now present to thee, before thee, through thee, and see all the workings of thy heart. (Heb IV, 12-16).

Pray to me, with thy total being, (body, soul & spirit) with all thy powers of faith and desire. For I am All, and able to do all for thee: -my distracted, unhappy, beloved child, thou poor, broken image of my entire nature. But i will restore and make thee whole again the lovely mirror of my perfection, and joy of my heart.

Cooperate with me in this great and glorious work, by unceasing earnest agonising Prayer, whereby alone I can do for thee and thee all that I desire! Cease not this special labour and paine, until thou feel and know the Work to be consummated.’ AMEN.

Summary Figure

of the preceding Symbols

Composing the Consideration of

the true Principle of all Things


Original pictures of the tables

as they appear in the book






Appendix I

The Freher ‘Manière de Faire’

(Signature Style)

Frontispiece page of Charles Muses 1951 ‘Illumination on Jacob Boehme: the world of Dionysius Andreas Freher’. King Crown Press.


Appendix II

The Richard Roach ‘Manière de faire’

(Signature Style)


Source: Page 64

Engraving by Francis Hoffman

Richard Roach books are available at


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Christopher Walton – The Ground & Geniture Of Deity & Nature

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