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Is Eating Healthy Difficult or Expensive?

When we talk about ‘healthy eating’, people often think that we talk about avocados, asparagus, organic produce, etc. Okay, we also have them in our nutrition plan, but this is not the point. The first thing that comes to our mind is plenty of green leaves & vegetables, less grains, legumes and meat.

Further, we examine macro (protein, fat and carbohydrate) and micro (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals) nutritions. But eating is not just based on physical nutrition.

We also add relationships, mental and emotional health, sleep, exercise, etc. to our plate called life. Only then it seems like the picture is complete.

There is an additional ingredient, perhaps the most important one: body awareness. Because what is good for us may not be good for you. Our body communicates with us.

What are your choices in life? If health is one of them you could

* by removing all the unhealthy, processed products from your kitchen,
* by organizing the wardrobe only according to your needs (not your wishes),
* by reducing care products full of chemicals that penetrate our body through our skin

make room in your budget for food that you THINK is ‘expensive’. Remember, everything just depends on changing your perspective.

1st image = The ‘criminal’ avocado, making us stay away from eating healthy (there are studies showing that it reduces inflammation in the body)

2nd image = Nalan’s summer outfits (in- and outdoor)

3rd image = Nalan’s makeup (no joke, just one lipstick)

4th image = Feedback of a friend who has attended our trainings for many years and received coaching service

Are you ready to live a coaching experience that is based on all kinds of nutrition?

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