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Golden Ratio & The Pentagram

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[…] The artistic debate about de Golden Ratio poses another question: Where does its universal symbolic meaning come from? Like no other symbol the pentagram unites the Golden Ratio with the principle of life. Since thousands of years it is cross cultural symbolizing goodness, happiness and well-being. Besides this, it has countless role models in the animated nature. From the starfish to the control core of an apple. Its symbolic meaning is probably based on the regenerative principle, which is inherent in it. Because its geometry can be continued endlessly. And how does this principle effect us human? “In recognizing this pattern, we perceive the basic principle of life, which creates repeatedly the similar things from what is present. This has a soothing effect on us, we can relax, because we know, how it continues.” (Prof. Dr. Johann Reichholf, Evolutionary Biologist)


D I D  Y O U  K N O W?

Did you know that the esoteric meaning of the pentagram is İnsan-i Kamil, the perfect person who has reached the target of spiritual evolution?


Golden Ratio and the Pentagram

Translation from the German into English: @hygeia_turkey

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