Via Tecta (Sacred Way)

Hymn To The Sun

Cover Image: Sun,_’De_metaphysico_macrosmi…ortu’,_Fludd,_1617_Wellcome_L0016154

The Latium calls you the Sun, because, after the Father, you are the only source of light. Twelve rays crown your sacred head, because you are forming that many hours. Four steeds are harnessed to your carriage, because you are taming the quadrille formed by the Elements.

As you are dissipating the darknesses, you manifest the light of the heavens, you are called Phoebus who discovers the mysteries of the future; and Lyaeus, because you dissipate the mysteries of the night.

The Nil adores you under the name of Serapis; Memphis, under the one of Osiris. In the festivals of Winter (Hyver), you are called Mithra, Pluton, the barbarian Typhon. You are revered also under the names of the handsome Atys, and of the cherished child of the plow. In the burning Lybia you are Ammon; and in Biblos, Adonis.

Therefore, the whole Universe invokes you under different names.

Antoine Court de Gebelin, ‘Le Monde Primitif’, Volume 4

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