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Human As An “In Between”


Perhaps the most well-known of Hermes’ principles is the first: “In truth, it is certain that in order to work wonders, what is above is below and what is below is above.” Therefore, the micro- and macrocosm are like mirrors that project each other but are actually just one entity. Having a dynamic interaction they are depending on each other.

We encounter similar ideas in the writings of Paracelsus. For example: “What is in heaven has its’ like on earth, and what is on earth has its’ like in heaven. If there was no Saturn in the world, it would not be possible for Saturn to rule the world (…).

Paracelsus imagined the interplay of the micro- and macrocosm as a symphony of the supernatural sphere in which everything was harmoniously interconnected. For him, health meant resonating with the rhythm of nature. On the other hand, he thought that the disease was caused by an incompatible relationship with the worldly and spiritual environment of the person. According to Paracelsus, healing could occur only when one returned to a more conscious level of harmony. Therefore, illness was the first prerequisite for the path to knowledge. Only those who have strayed from the ‘right’ path can gain insight into the loss of harmony and develop their spirituality by seeking it.

As an example for the mirroring we recommend you to read this article.

Source: Die Kraeuterkunde des Paracelsus”, Olaf Rippe & Magret Madejsky, p.22 / Translation from the German: @hygeia_turkey

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