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Anna Kingsford: ‘Hermes’ Exhortation To His Neophytes’

Versailles castle, ‘Mercury on his chariot’, artwork by Jean-Baptiste de Champaigne.


  1. ‘He whose adversaries fight with weapons of steel, must himself be armed in like manner, if he would not be ignominiously slain or save himself by flight.
  2. And not only so, but forasmuch as his adversaries may be many, while he is only one; it is even necessary that the steel he carries be of purer temper and of more subtle point and contrivance than theirs.
  3. I, Hermes, would arm you with such, that bearing a blade with a double-edge, ye may be able to withstand in the evil hour.
  4. For it is written that the tree of life is guarded by a sword which turneth every way.
  5. Therefore I would have you armed both with a perfect philosophy and with the power of the divine life.
  6. And first the knowledge; that you and they who hear you may know the reason of the faith which is in you.
  7. But knowledge cannot prevail alone, and ye are not yet perfected.
  8. When the fullness of the time shall come, I will add unto you the power of the divine life.
  9. It is the life of contemplation, of fasting, of obedience, and of resistance.
  10. And afterwards, the chrism, the power, and the glory. But these are not yet.
  11. Meanwhile, remain together and perfect your philosophy.
  12. Boast not, and be not lifted up; for all things are God’s, and ye are in God, and God in you.
  13. But when the word shall come to you, be ready to obey.
  14. There is but one way to power, and it is the way of obedience.
  15. Call no man your master or king upon the earth, lest ye forsake the spirit for the form and become idolaters.
  16. He who is indeed spiritual, and transformed into the divine image, desires a spiritual king.
  17. Purify your bodies, and eat no dead things that has looked with living eyes upon the light of Heaven.
  18. For the eye is the symbol of brotherhood among you. Sight is the mystical sense.
  19. Let no man take the life of his brother to feed withal his own.
  20. They are miserably deceived who expect eternal life, and restrain not their hands from blood and death.
  21. They are miserably deceived who look for wives from on high, and have not yet attained their manhood.
  22. Despise not the gift of knowledge; and make not spiritual eunuchs of yourselves.
  23. For Adam was first formed, then Eve.
  24. Ye are twain, the man with the woman, and she with him, neither man nor woman, but one creature.
  25. And the kingdom of God is within you.’




From Anna Kingsford‘s

‘Clothed with the Sun’,

page 238/239/240

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Anna Kingsford: ‘Hermes’ Exhortation To His Neophytes’

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