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Stephen Eskildsen-Master Chang Sheng’s Visit

啟示-Qǐshì-to reveal, to enlighten, enlightenment, revelation, illumination, moral (of a story etc)​, lesson


Today’s sharing from the Blue House of HYGEIA is ‘Master Chang Sheng’s visit’ from Stephen Eskildsen’s ‘The Teaching and practices of the Early Quanzhen Taoists masters.’ State University of New York Press_2004. Chapter 5, page 97 and 98.


Communications from Realized Beings of Past and Present

‘One night during the fourth watch (2-4 A.M), a man suddenly came (before me), He had the bones of the Tao and the wind of immortality (I.e., bore the impressive appearance of an immortal); (he) was not a man of the dusty world. He bore a golden radiance and jade like luster that together glowed forth. I took one look at him and thereupon rectified my mind and made it motionless. I knew that he was the Realized Man Changsheng (Liu Chuxuan).

When he arrived (before me) he wielded a sword and cut my off my head; still my mind remained motionless. The master then cheerfully placed it (the head) back (on my body). When I awoke (from my trance) my mind had an enlightenment; I understood that the master had replaced my worldly head and visage. Ten days later he came again and cut out my heart, and I understood that he had removed my worldly heart. Another then days later he came again, holding a plate of deep-fried cakes.

He offered me them all to me to eat, and I overate until I (felt like) I was going to die. The master then cut open my belly and emptied its contents. The fact pf the matter is that I by nature tend to put myself too high (and consequently overindulge). I do damage (to myself). Thus (Perfected Man Changsheng) removed that which had been damaged (in me).’

Yin Zhiping, a disciple of Liu Chuxuan.
Stephen Eskildsen-Master Chang Sheng’s Visit

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