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Jean-Marie d’Ansembourg – About The Eternal Feminine

‘Philosophy suckling Boethius’,

in the ‘Consolation of Philosophy’. 14th century miniature.

Library of Besançon, France. Cliché IRHT © CNRS.


And the last sharing for the day from the Blue House of Via-HYGEIA-as a follow up with our recent post regarding ‘Divine Wisdom’ and the rarely spoken-of ‘Female Aspect of the Godhead‘-is a chapter from the impressive work by Jean-Marie d’Ansembourg, ‘Glose téméraire des Prières au Père et à la Mère, ouvrant le Message Retrouvé de Louis Cattiaux‘, éditions du Miroir d’Isis, Mars 2020. The author wrote a line-to-line in-depth commentary of the two opening prayers in Louis Cattiaux’s ‘Message Rediscovered‘. It is section 9 of the first chapter in the first part. A Via-HYGEIA English translation from the Original French. Ah! The Milk of Gnosis !



‘One could think  that the God of the Jews and of the Christians is exclusively male; but that would be ignoring his ‘Eternal Feminine’ maternal side appearing, for instance, when we attribute a ‘bowels'(Greek: σπλαχνα-splachna) of mercy or a bosom (kolpos- κολπος) as John points out in John 1:18: ‘No one has seen God at any time; the only begotten God who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him.‘ These Greek terms are specifically for the feminine gender. But, beyond these considerations, we ought, obviously, to think about the Mother as being the Holy Ghost or the ‘unapproachable light’ in which dwells the All Mighty’: ‘God, the blessed and only Ruler, the King of kings and Lord of lords,  who alone is immortal and who lives in unapproachable light...’ in 1 Timothy 6:15-16.

‘I alone am different from the others, Because I am nourished by the great mother.’ (Daodejing, chapter 20). Laozi suckles the Mother of all beings, who became a Mother when, as we have seen earlier, the nameless origin of Heaven and Earth took a name, in order to be known.

It is remarkable that in Hebrew, the word ‘Spirit’ (Ruach) is of the feminine gender.

What should we then think of the ‘sex’ of Elohim whose resembling image was created male and female, in Genesis 1,27: ‘So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them‘? A singular-dual, an image that will be then divided into two opposite sexes by Adonai Elohim in Genesis 2, 22-23. It is to that androgyn that perhaps the ‘Message Rediscovered’ alludes to in chapter IV verse 61′: ‘From ‘one total’, of which there are four, is made ‘a living one’ of which there are three. Male and female in two that engender the ‘one victor’, which is the dot in the circle.’ These two engender in the singular. Is it linked with these mysterious words: ‘Truth that separates and unites. Ones. Two. One and nothing else.‘ (chapter 1, verse 1’-Message Rediscovered)?

What is the function of the Mother in the heaven, as on or in the earth? From above, shaped and impregnated by God, she transmits the seeded light to the earth. Inside of it (the earth) she fecundate and germinates all life: ‘The universal mother existing through God who moulds her according to his will. She who is the fertilizing one of heaven. She who is fertilized by God. She who is the fertile one on earth.’ She is then like the moon, passive, (fertilized) opposite the paternal fire (it’s source) and active (fecundating) opposite the earth: ‘He engenders his Mother, and his Mother engenders him in the world for the safeguard of the saints and the sages.’ (chapter 20, verse 52”-Message Rediscovered). She is also ‘the fertile one on earth‘, which could mean that in being ‘in all’, below as above, she is like the very fertility of the earth, greeting and maturing life from above.

Who is this Lady celebrated by so many of the ‘fidele d’amore‘? Dante’s Beatrice, Petrarch’s Laura? Or this ‘Lady’ (Kyria-κγρια) to whom John in his second epistle writes? This Lady whose children are walking in truth? :” to the elect Lady, and her children….. thy children walking in truth…

The kabbalistic tree contains two sephirot specifically of the feminine gender: Binah-Intelligence, also called the Mother-Hochmah-Wisdom being the Father-and Malchut-Kingdom, the bride. The latter, due to the defective state of the channels linking her to her groom (Tipheret-Beauty), is being separated and ever since is considered a dark grieving widow (the Shekinah or the divine presence), accompanying her people in exile. Without ‘This One’, we would be forever severed from the divine world: ‘Holy Mother who appears amid the distress of the world, grant us deliverance and oblivion from our ills.‘ (chapter VIII, verse 61’-Message Rediscovered).

Oh pure essence included in the pure substance that moans with fallen man! Allow the Book that speaks once again of your love to appear in the world, so that your mourning children perceive your call once more before the terrifying judgement that is coming.‘ (chapter XXXIX, verse 8-Message Rediscovered).

Where is the Lover? Where is the Loved One? Where is the Amen? In our hearts of stone, from which we must extract it and manifest it clearly!‘ (chapter XV, verse 36’-Message Rediscovered).

The Father is hidden in the Son, as the Son is hidden in the Mother and as the Mother is hidden in the darkness of our hearts.’ (chapter XVIII, verse 59′-Message Rediscovered).

We must understand that, if it is the Mother that communicates life by her movement, her action would be in vain without the Father and the Son, she conveys naturally and supernaturally.’


Original French






‘He will drink from the milk of the mother, in fact.’

(The Concept of Our Great Power, The Nag Hammadi Library)

Isis Lactans holding Harpocrates in an Egyptian fresco from a house in Karanis (Fayyum, Egypt), 4th century CE.


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Jean-Marie d’Ansembourg – About The Eternal Feminine

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