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Invocation To The 4 Archangels

Artwork by Judith Page: ‘Raphael, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel’.


Taken from the Picatrix, in Dan Attrell and David Porreca’s English translation, State University Press of Pennsylvania. 2018 and book 3, chapter 6-together with its twin French version by Henri Corbin, translated from the Arabic ‘Ghayal Al-Hakim (Picatrix’s original Arabic manuscript) quoted in ‘L’Homme et son Ange’ (Man and his Angel), Fayard.1983.


Invocation to the 4 Archangels in English:

‘I call you out-O strong spirits, high and powerful, since the knowledge of the wise and the understanding of those who understand proceed from you, and by your power also fulfilled the requests of philosophers-that you may respond to me and be with me; that you may unite me with yourselves, your potencies, and powers; that you may strengthen me with your knowledge so that I may comprehend those things that I do not fathom; that I may recognize the things I overlooked, that I might see the things I do not see; that you may remove blindness, disgrace, forgetfulness, and disease from me; that you may make me climb to the level of the ancient sages (those with hearts filled with knowledge, wisdom, and understanding); and that you may imprint these things upon my heart that I may become like the hearts of the ancient sages.’


Invocation aux 4 Archanges en Français:

‘Je vous invoque, O puissants spirituels et sublimes Anges qui êtes la sagesse des Sages, la sagacité des pénétrants, la science des savants. Exaucez-moi ; apparaissez-moi ; rapprochez-moi de votre magistère, guidez-moi par votre sagesse, protégez-moi par votre force. Apprenez-moi à comprendre ce que je ne comprends pas, à savoir ce que je ne sais pas, à voir ce que je ne vois pas. Détournez de moi les dommages qui se dissimulent dans l’ignorance, l’oubli et la dureté de cœur, afin de me faire atteindre au rang des anciens Sages dans le cœur desquels la sagesse, la pénétration, la vigilance, le discernement et la compréhension avaient élu leur demeure. Habitez, vous aussi dans mon cœur, et ne vous séparez pas de moi.’

More artwork by Judith Page:
Invocation To The 4 Archangels

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