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From The Founders of Auroville – About Individuation

Auroville, inside the spheric temple-Matrimandir-Inner-Chamber- Pictures by Integral Yoga and Matacom


“Individualization is the capacity to take up all experiences and organize them around the divine center. The aim of the psychic being [soul/higher self] is to form an individual being, individualized, “personalized” around the divine center [“growing” the soul to become fully embodied in one’s being]. Normally, all the experiences of the external life (unless one does yoga [not to be mistaken for the physical practice] and becomes conscious) pass without organizing the inner being, while the psychic being organizes these experiences serially. It wants to realize a particular attitude towards the Divine.


Each individual is a special manifestation in the universe, therefore his true path must be an absolutely unique path. There are similarities, there are resemblances, there are categories, families, ideals also, that is, a certain collective way of approaching the Divine, which creates a kind of “church”, not materialized but in a more subtle world — there are all these things — but for the details of the path, the details of yoga [union of the human individual with the universal and transcendent existence], it will be different according to each individual, necessarily, and conditioned physically by his present bodily structure, and vitally, mentally and psychically, of course, by former lives.”




From “The Psychic Being – Soul:

Its Nature, Mission, and Evolution,

Selections from the Works

of Sri Aurobinbdo and The Mother”.

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Inside the Matrimandir at Auroville. Picture Integral Yoga
Sri Aurobindo’s symbol. Picture at Integral Yoga.
From The Founders of Auroville – About Individuation

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