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Corbin & Suhrawardi-From the Book of Tablets: The Closing Prayer

‘Worship’. Illustration from the “MirajNameh of Mirheydar” (Book of Muhammad’s Ascension compiled by Mirheydar). International Journal of Arts. 2012. From the article, ‘The Manifestation of Fire and Lightin the Icons of Mir-Heidar’s Miraj Nameh’, by Somayeh Ramezanmahi and Hasan Bolkhari Ghehi.


Today’s sharing from the Blue House of HYGEIA is another excerpt from ‘L’ Ange Pourpre, quinze traités de Sohrawardi’. Fayard, 1976. We continue with Henry Corbin and his French translation of Sohrawardi’s major treatises, here with the closing prayer of chapter XII of tablet 4 of the ‘The Book of Tablets.'(Al-Alwah al-‘Imadiyyah).  Page 116. English translation by Via-HYGEIA.


The Closing Prayer

‘O, my God! O God,
By Whom the essence of everything subsists,
Provider of the stream of being,
Thee who brings down the beneficial influx,
Thee who is the aim of all movements,
The destination of all desires,
Light of all Lights,
Moderator of all things,
Thee who gives life to the Universe,
Come to our rescue with your Light!

Make us compatible with the things in which you take pleasure.
Inspire us the right direction towards Your Way.
Purify us from the stench of darkness.
Deliver us from the obscurity of physical nature (tabi’a),
Enabling us to see, freely, the vision of your Lights,
the contemplation of the Angel of your paradise (Rezvan, Ridwan),
And the proximity of your ‘Very-Close-Ones’,
The company of the inhabitant of your ‘Malakut’.

Resurrect us in the company ofthose whom you have showered with your blessings” (1/7),
The prophets, the sincere, the witnesses and the righteous. What good companion these are!” (4/69).’

(Here the “Book of Tablets’ ends, dedicated to Emir Imadoddin).


‘Prosternation devant le Seigneur’, from ‘Breve et fidele exposition de l’origine, de la doctrine, des constitutions, usages et ceremonies de l’eglise de L’Unite des Freres de Boheme et de Moravie’. 1758. Engraving number XI out of XVI.
About Suhrawardi: 🌿 About Henry Corbin:
Corbin & Suhrawardi-From the Book of Tablets: The Closing Prayer

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