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The Throat Center, Relationship Between Heart and Brain

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Tatoo by Francesca Vendola

Translation into English: Nalan Özkan Lecerf

The psycho-spiritual centers in our physical body are linked to the nervous system and hormone producing glands in certain regions. These regions are also projections of our spiritual-spiritual states. The throat center (thyroid, parathyroid and thymus glands) is a center of consciousness and spiritual energy and controls the respiratory system. In Kabbalist terminology, this region is the Daath region. Daath’s equivalent in Islamic mysticism is ‘Merdıyye’. Merdıyye is the highest state of consciousness of the human soul. When this region is activated, a bridge of wisdom is established between heart and brain, major changes occur in human consciousness. There is no return to ignorance after crossing this bridge. What was received by the heart like wisdom, knowledge, intuition and feeling has to be transformed into thought and action, therefore the energy of the heart has to be transferred to the brain. This happens through the throat center. Only by activating the throat center the human being can become a conscious being. A harmonious communication between the physical and spiritual forces of our bodies takes place only through the throat center. The separation of the physical and spiritual body also takes place through the thyroid center, for example, during deep sleep, anesthesia and death. When the thyroid, parathyroid and thymus bridge is destroyed, the heart deprived by the brain is also deprived by reasoning and wisdom; the brain, deprived of the support of the heart, has become a cold and irresponsible (cruel) being.

Tree of Life
(Source: Wikipedia)
“Gerçek Tıp – Yitik Şifanın İzinde”, Aidin Salih, p.263-264

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