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An puzzling example of post-modernism and spiritual materialism

Some time ago, on my news wall on Fb, there was this quote from WASIA, World Alliance for Spiritual Intervention and Awareness (sic):

‘Plato: Guilty of chaining humanity to the unreachable vision of Perfect truth for political Expediency’.
and this comment above it:

‘Plato wanted society to be ruled by philosophers and philosophers to be ruled by the external unquestionable Authority of Reason. The unreachable goal was the acquisition of the Perfect Truths’.

My first reaction was disbelief, and I retried to read the post again and again, but my feeling was every time the same: There is something wrong with this quote and comments from WASIA. We just re-posted an article about spiritual materialism on our new website and this is a prefect example of it, spread wide out in the internet. Fake news, fed with inaccurate information undermine our freedom in a way that is most dangerous:

The inability to tell the truth from a lie. This is also the child of this age, post-modernism: That says, there are no higher truth, only human opinions. This post is showcasing this sad trend by helping undermine the clarity of our understanding by cropping large category into smaller categories: Here, reducing Plato as a political opportunist, using philosophy as a tool, a weapon of mass control. By denying the existence of the imaginal world, the world of immutable ideas (‘unreachable vision of perfect truth’,’ unreachable goal’ and our ability to grasp it through our inner vision and senses.

There is no denying that Athens’s clear-cut hegemony upon Elea and Plato’s subsequent framing of Parmenides teaching according to his own creative drive and vision of life was real, but one cannot simply say that Plato is ‘guilty of chaining humanity’, as we all remember the allegory of the Cave, do we not? So, simplifying a complex picture through modern lenses is very much today’s weakness and arrogance. Then, putting together authority and reason is inaccurate, as here we are not anymore in the human realm, but of the divine, the Ideas being the reflect of the Gods, their lucid dreams.

By denying the religious aspect of Greek philosophy is simply one of post-modernism’s child of pride. The philosopher, by living the philosophical life was connected to the divine, through the different levels of the gods and their manifestations. It is a catharsis of the philosopher that is eager to be the shining mirror of the divine realm, to be its recipient, through emulation and divination, the reception of oracles. The philosopher bridges the human level with the more inner levels of reality.

By cropping the role of the philosopher as mere political hegemony, denying the ‘reality of a spiritual work capable to make us become like ‘pure gold’ through the acquisition of effective and essential virtues and by doing so, reflect in harmony the divine realms, is simply dishonest and shows foul intention.

One can have a taste, or a dislike, and express it of Plato, of Aristotle, of Epicure, and so many others…, but it should be done with a true knowledge of their works and not expressed as simplistic memes or hasty opinionated opinions, disconnected from exact sources and facts, for us to understand context and possible levels of meaning for us to fathom.

‘The shaming of knowledge’ by the epigones of post-modernism is emblematic and show their very weakness: their inability for seeing the holistic picture and taking small croppings for the whole.



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