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Toe Yoga

| Nalan for Hygeia

Some of us ignore the physical, others the emotional or mental body. Even if we take good care of our physical body, we often neglect our feet. However, it is essential that we thank and comfort our feet, which carry our burden all day and – when we use them correctly – enable us to connect with the outside world. Let’s start with the toes today.

Please find below two short videos:

Video 1 – Toe Yoga: Raise your big toe and keep the other 4 toes down. Then lift the 4 toes and keep the big toe down. Repeat several times.

Video 2 – Spread Your Toes: Lift all toes off the ground. Push the little toe down toward the outside and push the big toe down toward the inside. Lift toes and repeat.

* Read about “how to connect our feet with the outside world” in tomorrow’s post. Stay tuned.

Videos: Foot Strength by @tony.comella


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