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Toe Yoga II

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Dongfang Shuo *1, a famous immortal and magician under Emperor Wu of the Han (r. 140–86 b.c.e.) with a biography in the Liexian zhuan *2, according to the Fushou danshu*3 represents a cure for blocked qi*4 and hernias by “grasping the toes”:

“With one hand holding the foot, with the other hand rotate the big toe for the duration of five breaths. Guide the qi through the abdomen and the entire body. Do the same for all ten toes” (Berk 1986, 112).

Source: “Chinese Healing Exercises – The Tradition of Daoyin”, Livia Kohn

Hygeia notes:

*1 Image above
*2 Biographies of Immortals
*3 Elixir Book on Long Life and Good Fortune
*4 the circulating life force

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