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Forward Head Posture (FHP) Exercises

| Nalan for Hygeia

As a result of a blood pressure attack I had in 2019, I spent a few days in bed. I felt like I was half paralyzed, my head was spinning the moment I opened my eyes, turned my head to the right and left. Even though I got up a few days later, that dizziness lasted for a month. It was like my body had lost its center, I was walking, but I could fall at any moment. There were days when I felt really bad. “Why didn’t you go to the doctor?” I seem to hear your question. I didn’t go because I was scared. In the past months, my body had been constantly given me “I’m not well” signals, and modern medical doctors, unfortunately, had not been able to go beyond giving medicine because they don’t look at the body in a holistical way. In addition, I would say that there are also communication problems between the doctor and his/her patient. I think many people would agree in this statement. I am a patient who asks a lot of questions 🙂 At that time my anxiety was at a peak. How could it be otherwise? I was living every moment wondering what would happen next to my body and this state lasted for months. People I shared this concern with said that I was paying too much attention on my body (like being a hypochondriac) and that I was too anxious. Is this surprising? Of course not. I am a woman, so of course I am ‘prone to hysteria’. By the way, I have to add here that Nicolas is not included in the group of these people. He is always my biggest supporter, unconditionally. Let’s get back to the point. I was anxious and asking questions, but many doctors were producing a ‘solution’ saying, “if you’re going through this, take the x drug and get over with it.” Anyway. Finally, with the support of a friend, I went to the hospital and was examined. My neck had flattened out, so my balance was deteriorating. In addition to the medicine, the doctor referred me to physiotherapy, from there I left with the exercises given above. I did these exercises regularly and recovered quickly. At the same time, my Functional Medicine Life Coaching training had started. Thanks to the knowledge gained in there and the research I have done (and continue to do) due to my curiosity, I have been able to manage my anxiety about health more easily.

If you want to know more about the ”forward head posture”, you can read an article shared via the link below. One last note: This article was compiled to inform and raise awareness. Please contact your doctor if you have health problems.


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