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Kitchen Diary

Two Ingredient Pancake

| Nalan for Hygeia

Photo by Hygeia Turkey

Today we share with you a very easy recipe with just two ingredients.

It is not always easy for our clients to switch to a cleaner and healthier breakfast in our nutrition-based coaching sessions. We emphasize diversity, but we are so accustomed to a monotonous nutrition that it is difficult as a matter of fact. We offer alternatives so that breakfasts can be more colorful.

Sweet Potato Pancakes


1 medium sweet potato
+ 100 gr flour (we tried it with chestnut flour; also any other gluten-free or low gluten flours are possible)
= 4 pancakes

You can increase the ingredients regarding to the number of servings.


Boil the potato, after cooling down, peel and mash it. Add flour, knead. Divide the dough into 4. Either you make it into a ball with your hand and then press it flat. Or, in order to have tortillas, you use a rolling pin. Bake both sides in a pan with very little olive oil.


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