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Wisdom of the Tarot

Being a program of self-discovery and wellbeing the ‘Wisdom of the Tarot’ program is very different from what people are used to experience, as sadly they immediately think of ‘fortune telling’ when the word ‘tarot’ is mentioned.

Fortune telling is based on FEARS. We have many fears: Fear of not having, of failing, of suffering, of dying, etc. Our society is making us full of fears, as it promotes a world of competition, where we are fighting for wealth and goods, whose scarcity is controlled by interests groups. The economy is based on debt and not the sharing of wealth and though creates all our suffering and un-satisfaction. So, as we are growing fearful as we can measure the gap between what we are and what we have and the never ending crave for what we are not and what we do not have. This craving creates an emptiness that keeps us ‘in a mental prison’ and we do not see our situation.

The ‘Wisdom of the Tarot’ comes from a very ancient lineage of doctors and scientists, who were studying the wonders of nature. Alchemy, astrology, homeopathy were branch applications of these researches. These wise men and women that can be traced to the Middle East, especially Alexandria in Egypt and Constantinople before the Ottoman rule, now modern day Istanbul, Türkiye. Their knowledge based on the basis that ‘as above, so below’ is the fruit of their studies of the correspondences between the very big and the very small. As the philosopher and mystic Pascal points, man is in the intersection of two infinites. We are living simultaneously at the bigger level, participating to the maintenance of the universe and the smaller level, our biological and natural life. All is about correspondences between the cosmic and the atomic levels.

The ‘Wisdom of the Tarot’ helps us to see reality ‘as is’ and this is where its self-healing powers are, in revealing the invisible mechanism and the physics of our world and our actions. Seeing is the door, the active, cathartic agent, for acceptance, recognition and atonement. By understanding the dynamics in our life, by getting acquainted with our gifts and the need for a balanced exercise of them, we become in charge, we become responsible and we can then fully participate to the peaceful and harmonious global maintenance of our common world, as a true human being.

“Our aim is not to raise the magicians, mediums, gurus of the future. Our target is to have reached as a human being the inner sustainable balance and to be of use for society.”

– Nalan & Nicolas



This program consists of three (3) levels.

  1. Level: Tarot Archetypes (22 Major Arcana) –
    We will meet twice a month on Zoom and discuss one arcana each meeting. Together we will contemplate the meaning of the cards and what they represent individually and collectively. These evenings will be supported with exercises.
  2. Level: Tarot Archetypes & Enneagram (Enneagram as a process not typology) –
    We will meet twice a month on Zoom and travel on the Enneagram, which is an ancient process map, to examine the relationship between the arcanas. According to the needs of the group and the conditions we are in, we will also get together physically and reinforce our work with experiences that include the body.
  3. Level: Tarot as a Tool of Self-Discovery –
    This level is a ‘train the trainer’ module and is specifically designed for participants who offer spiritual training. We will have a close look at the anatomy of a session and build up the factors to be considered in the  communication (mentally-physically-emotionally-intuitively) of a session.

Hygeia has the right to edit and/or change the outline of the program.

1st level: Zoom (bi-weekly, each 3 h)
2nd & 3rd level: Zoom + face-2-face

Turkish & English (with consecutive Turkish translation)

Nicolas Lecerf, Nalan Özkan Lecerf, Aleks Kalenderoğlu


Please contact us via regarding details needed for the registration. We plan to start on 7th of December 2023, Thursday evening 7.30 p.m. (UTC+03:00 or TRT).

Wisdom of the Tarot
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