Eat Clean 101 Guide


Our food has dramatically transformed over the last 100 years. A ‘variation’ of increasingly ultra-processed foods is provided to us which makes us think that we have many choices in terms of products and tastes. The fact is, that additives, GMO’s etc. create the bases for chronical illnesses.

The purpose of this workshop is to make adults question their relationship with food and how it effects their well-being and to provide an instructive and entertaining guide encouraging them to eat clean. The content will be based on the Functional Medicine approach. It is an entry level into healthy and clean eating and doesn’t contain personalized sharings (disease-specific nutrition, portion calculation, supplement recommendations, etc.).


Meeting 1: “Let’s Meet” – Get To Know Each Other

Meeting 2: “In Search For Paradise on Earth” – A Glance At Nutritional Evolution

Meeting 3: “Phytonutritients” – Eating Colourful

Meeting 4: “PFC” – The World of Food’s Macros

Meeting 5: “Underneath the Iceberg” – The Sugar Trap

Meeting 6: “The Shopping Basket Of Your Intestine” – Please check!

Meeting 7:“Healthy Nutrition Plan” – Eat Clean 101 Guide & Evaluation

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